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Presenting StrongsLookup, the must-have Discord bot for your biblical research needs.

StrongsLookup is a bot designed to enhance your Bible study experience within Discord chats.

Strongs References: Have you ever come across a word or phrase in the Bible and wondered about its deeper meaning? StrongsLookup lets you easily perform Strongs Reference lookups, providing you with invaluable insights into the original Hebrew and Greek words used in the scriptures. Uncover hidden layers of significance and gain a deeper understanding of the text.

Interlinear Bible: Gone are the days of switching between multiple resources to study the Bible. StrongsLookup can instantly generate an interlinear Bible within your Discord chat. This powerful feature displays the original text alongside its translation, allowing you to compare different versions and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the scripture.

It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.

— Proverbs 25:2


Here are some amazing features:

  • complete Strongs concordance
  • interlinear Bible
  • King James Version
  • Hebrew scripture from the Masoretic Text
  • Greek scripture from the Textus Receptus
  • search for Strongs


slash commands usage


Click here to invite the bot to Your server. After this step there should be a new user in Your member list called StrongsLookup.

The bot will automatically register the slash commands.

Example commands:

  • /strongs G123 - Shows the definition of G123.
  • /interlinear Micah 6:8 - Shows the English and Greek in NT - or Hebrew in OT - of Micah 6:8 and the Strongs numbers of each word.
  • /lookup shore - Search for an English word. In this example the bot will find Greek and Hebrew words related to ‘shore’.


Do you have any ideas/improvements/bugs or want to help out by writing questions?

Feel free to test the Bot on my Discord Server.

You can also message me on Discord.


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